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Jun 4, 2008

Bill King
Diabetes Advocate, Insulin Pump Wearer, National Speaker

Bill King, an Animas insulin pump wearer, marathon runner, diabetes advocate, community volunteer, father and husband, is now sharing his experiences about living with diabetes. Touring the country, Bill will be speaking at diabetes and pump support groups, community events and educational seminars for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Topics include:
Exercise Is King
Balancing Life with Diabetes
Diabetes and Exercise
Running with Your Meter (and your strips, insulin and glucose tabs…)
The Exercise Rx  - “Getting the Right Start to your Diabetes Exercise Program”
Winning with Diabetes
The Balance of Body, Mind & Spirit, through Exercise
Living with Diabetes Can Be a “Royal Flush.” It’s All In The Palm of Your Hand
Love, Life & Diabetes
Fit as a King

Diagnosed at the age of 24 with Type 1 diabetes, Bill had to learn to live his life with a chronic disease: “One of the key components to dealing with diabetes successfully is keeping an upbeat attitude. Keeping diabetes under control is labor-intensive. It’s a ton of work. The people who do it most successfully are those who stay positive about it.”
As a participant in the DCCT/EDIC, the largest study ever conducted on type 1 diabetes, Bill continues to reach out to the community educating and informing people (patients, parents and healthcare professionals) about the realities of living with diabetes. Sharing stories about life as a marathon runner (20 marathons including Boston, New York, and Philadelphia) and a diabetes advocate, Bill draws from his experiences as a member of the ADA Leadership Counsel in PA and DE,  Team Diabetes Marathon Coach and National Board Member of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association.  His speaking engagements include Team Diabetes Events in Dublin, Maui, Kona, and Orlando, and Taking Control of Your Diabetes and Children with Diabetes Conferences.
Bill and his wife recently learned one of their two children is at risk for developing diabetes.

Bill’s presentations can be customized for a specific group (patient or healthcare professional) and by age (children, adults and parents). For more information, contact Bill King directly at 877-937-7867, ext. 1132 or