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#104 We're Baaack!

After a long break the whole team is back are ready for a fantastic 2013. Today, Theresa shares her recent hypo incident that ended up with an ambulance ride to the hospital. Thats bad enough but she was a little embarrassed because it happened at the annual ADEMS holiday event, Chris and Theresa's Diabetes support group (Adult Diabetes Education and Management Support group). We have a special guest announcer at both the beginning and end of todays show.

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#103 Amy Tenderich

On today's show we welcome back our old friend from show #22, Amy Tenderich. Amy joins us on the phone to talk about the DiabetesMine.com, Innovation 2012, Patient Voices Contest.


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#102 Organize your MIND...Organize your LIFE

Organize your MIND...Organize your LIFE. Train your brain to get more done in less time, by Paul Hammerness, MD, and Margaret Moore with John Hanc.

It takes an organized mind to manage a chronic disease such as diabetes, which depends upon a high level of self-vigilance. Managing lifestyle behaviors to keep blood sugars within a healthy range requires an unwavering focus, a flexible and creative mind, and the ability to observe connections and find patterns.

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life can help.
Based on cutting-edge neuroscience, and their work with people who have disorganized minds, Coach Meg and Dr. Hammerness have developed six organizing principles, or Rules of Order, for becoming more focused and resisting distraction.

The Rules of Order can help us move from out-of-control frenzy, to develop the skills and behaviors that will enable us to better handle the chaos of daily life, and the demands of our illness.

Dr. Hammerness, a clinical researcher on ADHD, is assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an assistant psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Margaret Moore, MBA ("Coach Meg")
Coach Meg, an executive wellness coach, is the co-director of the Institute of Coaching at Mclean Hospital (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School) and the founder and CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, a leading coach training school.

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#101 Diabetes in the African American Community

Today, we talk about the unique challanges with Diabetes in the African American Community.

We welcome, in studio...

Pastor Edward C. Cooper
Progressive Pilgrims Fellowship Church


Sherlene Simpson, LPN
Office of Consumer Health Assistance, NV
DHHS, Governor's Consumer Health Advocate

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#100 - 5 years...100 shows!

Today, we pat ourselves on the back! 5 years...100 shows! We've only just begun.

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#99 Lauri Murray-Takes Control

Lauri Murray was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes only 90 days ago. In that short time, she has taken complete control of her Diabetes. Lauri's wonderful attitude and positive approach to managing this new challenge in her life is a great example for everyone impacted by Diabetes.

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#98 Karen Graham, RD, CDE

Karen is the author of the best-selling cookbook Diabetes Meals for Good Health. This book is sold across North America and has been translated into French and Japanese. It has sold over 150,000 copies.  Karen’s most recent book The Complete Diabetes Guide brings together her 30 years of working as a Community Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator.

Karen has worked for thirty years as a dietitian, most of those years specializing in diabetes education. She works part-time in a busy community diabetes clinic in central Canada. Her clients are her inspiration, she sees their struggles, and understands how small changes can make a difference in improving health.

Karen was born in Africa where she graduated from high school at the Nairobi International School. She recognizes that diabetes is truly an international health crisis. In 2004-2006 she volunteered overseas in The Netherlands and Turkey, assisting a non-profit health organization set up diabetes programming for Turkish people. Karen’s life work is the fighting of diabetes.

Karen lives in a small farming community in central Canada with her husband. They have two grown children, both who have followed career paths that intersect with diabetes (optometry and global health). Her husband owns a tree nursery and farm, which keeps the family connected with the land and the source of our food.

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#97 ADA 2011 San Diego (Part 2 of 2)

Live from a remote studio in the Press Room at the American Diabetes Association 71st Scientific Sessions in San Diego, California. In part 2 of 2, Charlie Cherry interviews: Richard Aguilar (Diabetes Nation), Metanx, David Edelman (Diabetes Daily), Laurie Diaz (Roche)

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#97 ADA 2011 San Diego (Part 1 of 2)

Live from a remote studio in the Press Room at the American Diabetes Association 71st Scientific Sessions in San Diego, California. In part 1 of 2, Charlie Cherry interviews: David Kendall (ADA), Shelley Yeager and Lorne Abramson (Diabetes Education and Camping Association), Neal Kaufman (DPS Health), Pam and John Henry (BlueLoop).

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#96 Roche Social Media Summit 2011

2011 Roche Social Media Summit at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California. At the afterparty, Charlie Cherry interviews Manny Hernandes, George Simmons, Ronnie Gregory, Kelly Kunik, Bernard Farrell, Kerri Morrone Sparling, Kelly Close, Scott Strumello, Amy Tenderich, Mike Durbin, Chris Stocker, Wil Dubois, Scott Johnson.  

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