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"Emotional Eating with Diabetes" is an easy-to-read guide to overcoming the many challenges around food that can develop in a life with a disease that revolves around what we eat. This required focus on food can lead to using food in a self-destructive manner to cope with the tremendous emotional and mental burden that comes with managing diabetes. This book will help you build a relationship with food that leaves you feeling proud of your choices, never deprived, and with the knowledge that you are giving your body and your life with diabetes the compassion that you need and deserve. Learn more about the author, Ginger Vieira, at Living in Progress Wellness & Diabetes Coaching: www.Living-in-Progress.com

Emotional Eating with Diabetes


Other books by Ginger Vieira:

Dealing with Diabetes Burnout

Your Diabetes Science Experiment

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Charlie Lawrence is Co-Founder (with wife Donna) of Ulster County JDF, (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) as it was known in 1975. Both Charlie and Donna have continued to be JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) volunteers, spanning 40 years. Charlie has served on local, state, and national committees in various aspects of advocacy, strategic planning, and volunteer recruitment. He's also been involved in training, fundraising, event planning, and management, including galas, walks, and the Ride to Cure Diabetes. He will be riding in his 13th Ride in LaCrosse WI, and has previously participated in 12 other rides...Death Valley, California (10 times) Killington, VT, and Tucson, AZ. As a Family Ride Team for the Hudson Valley Chapter of JDRF, Charlie (and son Chad, daughter Melissa as riders, and wife Donna as a route volunteer) has raised over $133,000.  Both Chad and Melissa have T1D.


Melissa (Lawrence) Winters has had T1D for 21 years. She is a Walk to Cure Diabetes (now "One Walk") Committee member for the Ulster County Walk, as part of the Northeastern NY JDRF Chapter. She will be riding in her 5th Ride to Cure Diabetes for the Hudson Valley Chapter of JDRF in the 2015 La Crosse, WI event. Previously, she has completed 4 other rides; three in Death Valley, and one in Tucson.


Chad Lawrence was diagnosed in 1974 at the age of 23 months. He has never let diabetes stop him from being active in cycling. He will be riding in his 13th Ride in LaCrosse WI, and has previously participated in 12 other rides (Death Valley, CA 10 times, Killington, VT, and Tucson, AZ). He is an avid mountain biker, road biker, and continues racing BMX.


Donna Lawrence coordinates many of the Lawrence Family Ride Team fundraising events, including knitting her fingers to the bone to create scarves and other crafts to sell on behalf of the ride. She also serves on the Walk to Cure Diabetes (now "One Walk") Committee for the Ulster County Walk, as part of the Northeastern NY JDRF Chapter.



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On today's show, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, and Chris Daniel (Theresa Moore is out on assignment) talk about newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetics.


Charlie's childhood and life-long friend, Tim Reedy was diagnosed with Type 2 just one week ago, and is in our Las Vegas studio to talk about his experience. 


We offer some great advice to people who have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes.

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Today, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore, and Chris Daniel are joined by Dr. C. R. Kannan to answer questions from DiabetesPowerShow.com listeners.


Larry, type 2, age 51, Seattle

I was just diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and was told that the pain and numbness in my feet was diabetic neuropathy. This pain has been with me for about 2 years, and it’s almost unbearable. Is this a permanent thing, or will it go away when my diabetes gets better? Also, what is neuropathy?



Phyllis, type 2, age 61, Phoenix 

I was told I have type 2 diabetes and a thyroid condition within 5 months of each other. Is there a connection between the two?



Leonard, type 2, age 56, Dallas

I just had my second A1c, and it was a big improvement over my first. In a little over 3 months, I have gone from 14.2 down to 9.5. I am on pills and insulin, and I have had several lows in this time. I have gone from as high as 450, down to as low as 48. The lows are very scary to me, and I feel like I have a hangover after I have these big sweeps in blood sugar. Am I doing any damage to myself with these extremes?



Brittney, type 1, age 15, Atlanta (for Theresa)

I found out I have type 1 diabetes last June, and I’m thinking about going on the pump. I’m a little nervous, because I haven’t told anybody about my diabetes. I feel like the pump will be obvious, because everybody will be able to see it, and I don’t know how they will react, especially the boys. Theresa, did you ever feel like that when you were a teenager? Did you tell your friends? How did they handle it? Did you tell boys about it when you started dating? I’m afraid people will look at me differently if they know.



Janice, type 2, age 48, Baltimore

I just started an exercise routine, and I’m having trouble keeping my blood sugar in check. I thought my numbers would go down after my brisk walk, but they go up over 250 every time. I start around 140. Why is this happening, and what can I do about it?



Shannon, gestational, age 31, Des Moines

I am six months pregnant with my second child. My first child is 2 1/2. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and I’m trying my best to keep my numbers under control.  Does this increase my child’s odds of getting diabetes? Does gestational ever turn into full diabetes?



Robert, type 2, age 46, somewhere in Utah (not his real name or location)

I live in a small town, and my Doctor is also a member of my church. There are some things that I am not comfortable in talking to him about. I am about 40 lbs over weight, I have type 2 diabetes, and I have neuropathy in my feet. In the last year or so, I have had some trouble in the bedroom. Things are not working like they used to, and I feel like I'm too young to give up on intimacy with my wife. Could this be connected to my diabetes? Is this it for me, or is it possible that I can do something about it? Please don't mention my name or city. Thanks.



Jenny, type 1, age 22, San Diego

I have type 1 diabetes, and I was diagnosed at age 14. I used to be slim and trim, but now I’m overweight. When people find out I'm diabetic, they almost always assume that I am type 2 because of my weight. One person even told me I was lucky, because I had the “good kind” of diabetes. I’m trying to lose the extra lbs, but it is a constant battle. I have given up on trying to explain to people the difference between types 1 and 2, because I can no longer tell the difference myself. I don't know if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to have both? Is this common? 

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Today on DiabetesPowerShow, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore, and Chris Daniel welcome special guest, Dr. Sheri Colberg.


Sheri Colberg, PhD, FACSM, is one of the world’s leading experts in diabetes and exercise, as well as a highly influential opinion leader on lifestyle management to control and prevent disease. She has shaped exercise and nutrition recommendations adopted by diabetes and other professional organizations, published a variety of books, lectured and consulted extensively, and conducted research studies that have shaped current health care.


To date, she has authored 10 books, 16 book chapters, and over 275 articles. Her books include Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook, 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with Diabetes, and The 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Plan, Exercise and Diabetes: A Clinician’s Guide to Prescribing Physical Activity (American Diabetes Association, 2013), and The Diabetes Breakthrough. In 2010, she chaired a joint position statement issued by the ADA and ACSM on exercise and type 2 diabetes.


A graduate of Stanford University, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley, she is  a professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University (Norfolk, VA) and adjunct professor of internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  With nearly five decades’ worth of experience living with type 1 diabetes (since age 4), she is an avid recreational exerciser who advocates healthy lifestyles for all. Visit her web sites at www.shericolberg.com and www.diabetesmotion.com.

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Today on DiabetesPowerShow, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore and Chris Daniel, welcome in the New Year with some tips on how to make 2015 a success, not only with your Diabetes control and management, but in life in general. Whether you are Type one or Type two, there are many little things you can do each and every day, that add up to a fantastic year. From all of us at DiabetesPowerShow, we hope 2015 brings great  joy, success, and happiness! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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On today's show...

Lightning strikes twice in the Robinson household.

Janice Robinson, RN lives in Harlingen, TX in South Texas. She is the owner of 2 small assisted living homes for the elderly. Janice has two kids with Type 1 Diabetes, and is an inspiration to parents who find themselves in a similar situation. Her son, Mark (23) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 5. He was on insulin pump therapy for 10 years, and currently uses daily injections. Her daughter, Lexi (5) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 4. She currently is on insulin pen therapy with the Novolin Jr pen, and is managing well. Her most recent Hgb A1c is 6.5, down from 6.8 five months ago. GO LEXI!!!



Charlie Cherry, Producer, Co-Host

Chris Moore, Co-Host

Theresa Moore, Co-Host

Chris Daniel, Co-Host

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Today, we welcome back to the show, Chef Robert Lewis, The Happy Diabetic. Chef Robert is going to help us get through the Holiday Season, avoiding those extreme high blood sugars that often ruin our holiday fun. The good Chef has lots of great advice that will keep us off the blood sugar roller coaster, so we can enjoy our family and friends during this wonderful time of year.




Chef, Author, Speaker and a Person Living with Diabeties

Growing up in Los Angeles offered Chef Robert a culinary experience he will always cherish. Family cooks and guests in my home were experts in preparing Jewish, Mexican, Middle and Far Eastern, and traditional dishes, which gave him a love for food and the creative outlet it provided.

After graduating from the Prestigios Culinary Institute of America in 1976. In 1998 he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Thus began his motivation to create great tasting dishes that are easy to prepare.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Much of what I heard in those early day was about the foods that were prohibited. I suspected that my days of good eating were over, yet as I worked through my ups and downs, I came to realize that the selection of foods I could and should eat was vast and included many of my favorites. This motivated me to attempt to create delicious, diabetic-friendly dishes that were also easy to prepare.

Chef Robert is a nationally recognized author, public speaker and spokesperson for all people affected with diabetes. He travels the country speaking on the benefits of healthy eating not only for people affected with diabetes, but also for anyone who would like to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.

Robert has collaborated with Lee Iacocca and Dr. Denise Faustman of Harvard Medical School and is a state captain for the Iacocca foundation. He has worked with Al Roker, Ben Vereen, Richard Simmons, Ann Curry, Indy car racer Charlie Kimble, The Amazing Race Winner Nat Strand and many others! Chef Robert has spoken in hospitals and health fairs in all across the planet.

With Roberts focus on healthy cuisine, he is considered a pro when it comes to food preparation and nutrition. Robert is a frequent guest on TV and radio. He has appeared on ESPN’s Cold Pizza. Robert is the author of 2 best selling cookbooks. Chef Robert is producing a “Reality” TV show “Cooking Across America” and has been featured in Diabetes Health magazine, The Radish, KWQC NBC and the Diabetic Living Magazine.

Chef Robert has been selected buy Sanofi and Everyday Health to do consumer online cooking videos. He is a keynote speaker for Taking Control of Your Diabetes all across the USA. He has worked with Sanofi, Abbott, Accu-Check-Roche, American Diabetes Association, Lyons Club International, Rotary Clubs, University of Wisconsin, Genesis Hospitals, Hy-Vee Grocery Stores, Kroger stores, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hill and Valley sugar free bakeries to name just a few!


His recipes celebrate great-tasting food that both diabetics and non-diabetics can enjoy. Robert’s cookbooks are filled with tips, tidbits, and humorous anecdotes that I hope will make cooking fun! You are not what you eat, you are how much you eat!


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Mr. Grant Maltman, Curator

Banting House National Historic Site of Canada 

Canadian Diabetes Association

London Ontario Canada



Grant Maltman is a graduate from The University of Western Ontario and has nearly 25 years experience in the cultural resource management and heritage presentation field. His journey started at Sir Frederick G. Banting Secondary School when, as a student, he presented the Canadian Diabetes Association with a cheque from the student body for the development of Banting House museum. Drawn to the diverse collection Banting House held, the history and the impact of the discovery of insulin on the world, it seemed a worthy project for the student body to support. He has proudly served as the curator of Banting House National Historic Site of Canada for the last 20 years. In addition to securing the designation of Banting House as a national historic site, he served as a historical consultant for the Royal Canadian Mint’s coin commemorating Banting as Canada’s first Nobel Prize recipient and the CBC production, The Greatest Canadian Contest. Grant enjoys sharing stories on the life and career of Sir Frederick Banting, the discovery of insulin and the Canadian Diabetes Association’s stewardship of this international treasure and symbolic site of hope in the fight against diabetes.

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Today on DiabetesPowerShow, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore  and Chris Daniel welcome, in studio, the Executive Director of the Nevada Chapter of JDRF, Colleen Saca, and Sara Nicastro, the Nevada JDRF Development Manager. We talk about the latest in Diabetes Research, and the many great things happening with JDRF. New innovations hold promise, like the artificial pancreas, stem cell research, and much more. We take a look into the future of Diabetes, and dream of the many up-and- coming technologies, and ultimately, the possibilities of a cure.

 JDRF Navada



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