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The Diabetes Breakthrough

Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, FACE

Based on the successful Why WAIT program for diabetes weight management at the Joslin Diabetes Center

If you get the diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes, this message from the book editor is for you


"You have type 2 diabetes." Some 2 million Americans each year receive the life-altering diagnosis, linked to poor diet, lack of exercise and excess weight.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to extraordinary complications—heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, nerve damage, vision loss, and hypertension. But according to Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the medical director of the Obesity Clinical Program at the Joslin Diabetes Center, type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to end up that way. You can halt its progress—and even prevent it.


The Diabetes Breakthrough transforms Joslin’s clinic-based Why WAIT™ weight loss program into an easy-to-follow, at-home guide for anyone diagnosed with or at risk of developing the disease. Dr. Hamdy, the Why WAIT founder, and his Why WAIT team-leaders Ann Goebel-Fabbri, PhD, Gillian Arathuzik, RD, Jacqueline Shahar, RCEP teams up with exercise physiologist Sheri R. Colberg, PhD, to offer a step-by-step approach to changing eating habits, slimming down, building fitness and overcoming psychological barriers—in just 12 weeks. 


Why WAIT is the only medical program to show lasting weight loss for people with diabetes. Over 500 patients with diabetes completed the Joslin Why WAIT program since 2005. Participants have kept an average of 6.4 percent of body weight off for five years, and more than 50 percent have kept 9 percent off afer 5 years.


By the program’s 12 week mark, patients cut their medications by 50-60 percent (and in some cases, stopped taking them altogether), resulting in a ~$560 average annual savings—not to mention the health benefits of fewer drugs, side effects and risks of interactions. Here, for the first time, is a comprehensive, practical strategy for losing weight and keeping blood glucose levels in check. By making wellness and a long, healthy life possible for all diabetes and prediabetes patients, Drs. Hamdy and Colberg have not only achieved a breakthrough—they’ve launched a revolution. Breaking Through


Why WAIT patients saw:

• An average 24 pound weight loss after 12 weeks.

• An average 3.7 inch loss of diabetes-provoking belly fat.

• An 85 percent success rate sticking with their fitness plans.

• An 82 percent success rate reaching blood glucose goals and improving blood

pressure, cholesterol levels and liver and kidney function.

• A 21 percent success rate in stopping insulin completely; the rest cut their doses

by 50 percent or more.

• An annual savings of 27 percent in overall health costs and 44 percent in the diabetes-related costs


Dr. Hamdy studies the cardiovascular benefits of short and long term weight reduction in obese individuals with and without type 2 diabetes. He also studies the role of body fat distribution in initiation and acceleration of cardiometabolic complications of obesity.  His clinical research also evaluates the effect of weight reduction on circulating cytokines and body fact distribution. Dr. Hamdy and colleagues' research led to the first discovery that obese adults who lost 7 percent of their initial weight had significant improvement in their vascular endothelial function. This improvement may eventually prevent the progression of atherosclerosis and the subsequent risk of coronary artery disease and stroke.


Osama Hamdy, MD, PhD, FACE is the Medical Director of the Obesity Clinical Program, at Joslin Clinic and Director of Inpatient Diabetes Management.  He is a Clinical Investigator and attending Adult Endocrinologist at Joslin Diabetes Center and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Hamdy is a co-investigator of 2 landmark studies; the National Diabetes Prevention Program and the Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) Study.  He translated the successful clinical research results of these lifestyle modification clinical trials into a clinical practice model through the initiation of the Why WAIT Program (Weight Achievement and Intensive Treatment), the world's first multidicplinary clinical practice model for diabetes weight management. Dr. Hamdy chaired the task force that developed the Joslin New Nutrition Guidelines and is a member of the Nutrition Guidelines Committee of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) that created the AACE Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Americans, the Guidelines for Obesity Management and the Guidelines for Bariatric Surgery.


Dr. Hamdy has over 100 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and clinical proceedings about diabetes and obesity. He is a member of editorial review boards for several medical journals including JAMA, Diabetes Care, Expert Opinion Journals and Obesity Research. 

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Live from the New Media Expo Lounge at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas. Chris, Theresa, Chris and Charlie talk about the controversial April 5, 2014 New York Times article about T1D (Type 1 Diabetes). “Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills”

As you may know, on April 5, the New York Times published an article about the cost of medical advances. Today we share with you JDRF’s official response and our own thoughts.


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Dr. Guy Pupp D.P.M. is a Michigan-based podiatrist who specializes in diabetic limb salvage. As a consultant for numerous orthopedic equipment companies, he was instrumental in the development of one of the most user friendly external fixation devices. Dr. Pupp has trained more than 140 residents as a Director of the Foot and Ankle Clinic, and is actively involved with Healing the Children, an international relief organization. He is a board member of the American Diabetes Association.

Foot and Ankle Institute of Michigan

Save a leg, Save a life

Puracyn wound and skin care

An article in Diabetes & You that Dr. Pupp authored on foot care (page 29)

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After a long sabbatical...we're back! We've all been working on our individual projects (exciting Diabetes-related stuff) requiring us to take some time off from the show. We are back full-strength, and excited about the direction we are headed. Thanks to our loyal listeners! Join Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore and Chris Daniel at www.DiabetesPowerShow.com  and listen to all of our past Diabetes shows.

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Riva Greenberg is a Diabetes Patient-Expert and Health Coach. She writes regularly on The Huffington Post and is the author of 50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It and The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes. Riva has been cited as #6 among the top 10 diabetes online influencers. She lectures in the US and abroad, provides workshops at health events, and advises diabetes organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

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On today's show, Chris Daniel is IN THE HOUSE! Chris D joins Chris M, Theresa, and Charlie live in studio in fabulous Las Vegas. We have a great discussion about the importance of a committed Diabetes Support Team.

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After a long break the whole team is back are ready for a fantastic 2013. Today, Theresa shares her recent hypo incident that ended up with an ambulance ride to the hospital. Thats bad enough but she was a little embarrassed because it happened at the annual ADEMS holiday event, Chris and Theresa's Diabetes support group (Adult Diabetes Education and Management Support group). We have a special guest announcer at both the beginning and end of todays show.

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On today's show we welcome back our old friend from show #22, Amy Tenderich. Amy joins us on the phone to talk about the DiabetesMine.com, Innovation 2012, Patient Voices Contest.


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Organize your MIND...Organize your LIFE. Train your brain to get more done in less time, by Paul Hammerness, MD, and Margaret Moore with John Hanc.

It takes an organized mind to manage a chronic disease such as diabetes, which depends upon a high level of self-vigilance. Managing lifestyle behaviors to keep blood sugars within a healthy range requires an unwavering focus, a flexible and creative mind, and the ability to observe connections and find patterns.

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life can help.
Based on cutting-edge neuroscience, and their work with people who have disorganized minds, Coach Meg and Dr. Hammerness have developed six organizing principles, or Rules of Order, for becoming more focused and resisting distraction.

The Rules of Order can help us move from out-of-control frenzy, to develop the skills and behaviors that will enable us to better handle the chaos of daily life, and the demands of our illness.

Dr. Hammerness, a clinical researcher on ADHD, is assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an assistant psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Margaret Moore, MBA ("Coach Meg")
Coach Meg, an executive wellness coach, is the co-director of the Institute of Coaching at Mclean Hospital (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School) and the founder and CEO of Wellcoaches Corporation, a leading coach training school.

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Today, we talk about the unique challanges with Diabetes in the African American Community.

We welcome, in studio...

Pastor Edward C. Cooper
Progressive Pilgrims Fellowship Church


Sherlene Simpson, LPN
Office of Consumer Health Assistance, NV
DHHS, Governor's Consumer Health Advocate

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