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Jan 26, 2009

Irving A. Cohen, MD, MPH

Author of the new book,

Dr. Cohen's New Hippocratic Diet Guide
"How to Lose Weight Naturally and Beat the Obesity Epidemic"

    Dr. Cohen is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. He obtained his post-graduate training in Preventive Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University where he served as the Chief Resident of
Preventive Medicine in the Bloomberg School of Public health.

    He has served both in government and private practice. He currently directs two natural weight-loss programs in Kansas and holds a faculty appointment in the History of Medicine at the University of Kansas
School of Medicine.

     On today's show, Irving A. Cohen, MD, MPH, a recognized expert in disease prevention, will offer information about a highly effective way to diet.

    According to the government, two out of three adults are overweight and most of them will make some attempt to lose weight this year. Unfortunately, most will fail and end up blaming themselves. Yet, the reason they will fail is not because they are either weak-willed or lazy. It is because the commonly accepted diet advice pushed by the government is wrong and is largely to blame for the current obesity epidemic. Before the government started handing out bad advice, only about one out of seven American adults was overweight. Since the Federal government has succeeded in getting people to believe this wrong advice, two out of three people are now overweight.

    Dr. Cohen discusses how a natural diet, avoiding certain additives, and proportioning the right types of food, allows a dieter to lose weight without feeling constantly hungry. He explains how this can benefit people already suffering from hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and other diseases. He also discusses how many of these diseases can be prevented by avoiding certain additives and processed foods. He explains the connection between this modern diet and ancient weight-loss recommendations.

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