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#29 I-Port Injection Port (Rick Wittenbraker) On this week's show, we welcome Rick Wittenbraker, COO of Patton Medical Devices, the makers of the I-Port Injection Port.


The I-Port is designed to reduce the hardships of multiple daily injections, by providing individuals of all ages a way to receive medication without repeated skin punctures.

Rick Wittenbraker is responsible for managing the product supply chain and raising equity capital. Prior to joining Patton Medical Devices, Mr. Wittenbraker worked as an International Commodities Trader for Metelmann Trading, Inc., in New York. He also oversaw all futures transactions and trading positions for the firm and performed credit risk analysis of potential clients.

Mr. Wittenbraker received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from The University of Texas at Austin. He is fluent in Spanish, and studied International and European Economics at the University of Salamanca in Spain.

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