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Version 2.0...The Next 10 Years

We're baaaack!

After a long winter break, we are back with a new and improved DiabetesPowerShow. Or as we like to call it...DiabetesPowerShow Version 2.0. 
We are excited about some great changes that are taking place in our little corner of the web.
Lori, the voice our listeners have heard at the beginning of the show for all of these years, is joining Charlie and Chris as a full time Co-Host. She brings a unique prospective to the show as, what we have referred to for many years, a "Type 3 Diabetic". We here at DPS define a "Type 3" as a person who has a loved one or friend who has Diabetes. (Not to be confused with the medical / clinical Type 3 definition) 
So our team represents Type 1 (Chris), Type 2 (Charlie), and "Type 3" (Lori). We have some very exciting things in store for 2017 and beyond.


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