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On today’s show we welcome, live in studio, Podiatrist, Dr Denise Tropea.
Dr. Tropea is a Board certified Podiatrist and foot surgeon with a special interest in Diabetic foot care and wound care

Taking care of your feet is extremely important with Diabetes. It doesn't matter whether you have Type One or Type Two, foot care is a critical part of your Diabetes wellness.

Dr. Tropea gives us the information we need to avoid the complications that can lead to serious foot problems like neuropathy and even amputation.

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On today's show, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore, and Chris Daniel welcome the Middlebrook family. 13 year old Conner was diagnosed T1D at the age of 2 1/2. Conner and his parents share with us their Diabetes journey.

Also on today’s show, Charlie’s 6 year old Grandson is in the studio to add his two cents to the show…very cute. (See pic)

Chris and Theresa share their experience on Chris’s Birthday. They fought zombies, and won the zombie apocalypse. (See pics)

Also, Alysia, Charlie’s Daughter-in-law updates us on her health, after 2 bouts with Gestational Diabetes.

A great time was had by all!



Charlie Cherry was invited to speak to teenage people with Type One Diabetes at the JDRF T1D Nation Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. He and his team from DiabetesPowerShow.com did what they know best...they brought a radio station set to the event venue. The idea was to do a role play with a twist. The parents played the part of a T1D teen, and the teen played the part of an adult radio personality. The radio interviewer...played by the teen...has to interview the T1D teen, played by the parent. The desired outcome is to spark conversation about their Diabetes. This is an audio clip (after all, it is radio) of Conner, "with an e", one of the teens who is interviewing an adult, and Chris Moore from DiabetesPowerShow, who is playing the part of a 13 year old boy. This was unscripted and unrehearsed...


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