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#70 Pay it Forward !!! Over the many years that Chris and Theresa have lead their A.D.E.M.S. Support Group in Las Vegas, a number of people have asked them questions on how to start, grow, and maintain a Diabetes Support Group.

Jim Huck is on a quest to start a Diabetes Support Group in his area, and he recently contacted Chris for advice.

On today's show, Chris and Theresa will share their valuable experience for those ambitious souls who desire to start their own Diabetes Support Group. We have invited Jim to join us in this effort.

Jim Huck is a type 1 Diabetic living a happy life with his wife, son, and dogs in Nevada City, California, a small, rural community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Jim is a middle school math teacher and is currently taking a 2 year sabbatical to complete a Registered Dietitian program at California State University. He loves cooking, hiking, gardening, bike riding, and reading.  Thanks to the love and support of friends, family, doctors, and educators, Jim is  successfully managing his condition and is dedicated to helping others approach Diabetes with a positive and proactive attitude.

Jim is working to start an active, educational and FUN Diabetes Support Group in Nevada County in Northern California.  If you live in this area, or know anyone who is affected by Diabetes who does, please contact Jim by emailing him:


or call him at:

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