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#43 Weight Watchers Charlie has lost 70 lbs. on Weight Watchers. This week, we welcome Liz Castoe, Charlie's fearless Weight Watchers leader.

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#42 The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle Stuart A. Seale, M.D., board-certified family physician and co-author of The 30-Day Diabetes Miracle, has helped thousands of patients over the past quarter century.

While managing a thriving solo family practice in Springfield, Missouri for 21 years, he treated an increasing number of patients who suffered from lifestyle-related diseases. This moved him to learn more about treating the cause of these conditions, not just how to control the symptoms, as is the case with standard medical treatments.

He now serves as the medical director for Ardmore Institute of Health, and is the medical director, physician, and educator for Lifestyle Center of America’s Stopping Diabetes ProgramTM in Sedona, Arizona. He conducts an advanced wellness and healthy lifestyle workshop called The Well ExperienceTM. Dr. Seale also maintains a private, mobile medical practice, Room Calls Sedona.

Dr. Seale educates and motivates patients into improved health by treating the underlying cause of their diseases – an unhealthy lifestyle. He has expertise in nutrition, exercise physiology, and chronic disease prevention and reversal via lifestyle modification.

Dr. Seale graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1979 and completed a family practice residency at the University of Missouri in 1983. Since that time, he has continuously maintained certification by the American Board of Family Practice, most recently re-certifying in 2007. He has also received the 3-year AMA Physician Recognition Award eight times, most recently in 2007.

The Lincoln, Nebraska native, age 53, spent most of his youth in Brainerd, Minnesota. Dr. Seale and his wife now reside in Sedona, Arizona. He has three adult children.


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#41 Camp Vegas Part Deux It's been a whole year since Camp Vegas. The kids are another year older, taller and wiser. Charlie is 70 lbs. less of a man. Together they climb "Butt Cheek" mountain and take you along on a sound scene tour.
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#40 Is there more to life than A1c? We always emphasize the importance of tight glucose control. So much so, that we tend to become "glucose-centric", forgetting other factors that are as important, or according to today's guest, even more important in our efforts to avoid diabetes-related complications.

Today we welcome Dr. Claude K. Lardinois, an out-of-the-box-thinking endocrinologist, with strong opinions on this subject. Dr. Lardinois has many years of vast experience in treating diabetes, and we are honored that he has accepted our invitation to share some of his thoughts with us today.
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