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#45 Wife, Mother, Songwriter, Type 1 Diabetic Jen Mangum is a country/pop lyricist. She puts her heart and soul into lyric writing, and is fortunate to have some really great co-writers, vocalists, musicians, and melody writers that help bring their lyrics to life. She is also blessed to be working with some great publishers, who believe in what they do. "I'm lovin' livin' life with my hubby and my two gorgeous kids. It doesn't get much better than this". Jen has Type 1 Diabetes. You can learn more about her and listen to some of her music at www.myspace.com/jenmangumsongwriter
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#44 "Seriously...Living With Diabetes Can Be Funny"
Stand-Up Comedian & Inspirational Speaker
“Seriously…..Living With Diabetes Can Be Funny?

    Sharkey’s Comedy Club presents Stand-Up Comedian, Bo Irvine.  As a National Headlining Comedian, Bo has been performing for mainland & local audiences for over 20 years.   He’s performed on A & E “Comedy on the Road?, Showtime “Comedy Club Network?, HBO & NBC Late Nite and was the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing 2008 Hawaii Showcase.  Bo has worked with comedian greats George Carlin, Howie Madel, & George Lopez, just to name a few.  Catch Bo’s night club act at the Hawaii Comedy Theater home of “Comedy Polynesia? and “Sharkey’s Comedy Club?, located at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel in Waikiki.

    Born and raised in Hawaii, where the disease of Diabetes affects a vast majority of the local Pacific Islander population, Bo has a personal interest in the fight against this silent killer.  Having Type II Diabetes, Bo knows the struggles that Diabetics face.  Utilizing his skills as a professional stand up comedian and speaker, Bo has taken his experience and created “Seriously…Living With Diabetes Can Be Funny?, performing at health related corporate events for healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers.  He has turned his comedy and energies into inspiring individuals to work at reaching their goals for managing their Diabetes.  Bo gains the trust of his audience using humor, and sharing his own trials and tribulations of living with the disease.
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