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#58 Testosterone and Diabetes

Testosterone and Diabetes

Charlie-"I'm not saying that I have low testosterone but..."

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Guest: Abraham Morgentaler, MD

  • Clinical Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School
  • Founder of Men’s Health Boston (www.MensHealthBoston.com)
  • Author of Testosterone for Life (2008) and The Viagra Myth (2003)
  • Internationally recognized authority on testosterone

Low T and the Big D

There is a very high prevalence of low testosterone (T) among men with Diabetes. Since the relationship between low T and Diabetes is quite involved, Dr. Morgentaler explains, in clear terms, what’s important for you to know in order to ensure good health.

In one revealing study, patients were asked to provide their entire medical histories, and then underwent a blood test for testosterone. Approximately 50% of men with Diabetes had low T, and the overall risk of low T in this population was more than double the risk seen in men without Diabetes.

In another fascinating study, individuals gave blood samples, which were  frozen, and these individuals were then followed for many years. At the end of the study, the researchers tested the frozen blood samples to determine whether hormone levels like testosterone predicted the development of medical conditions such as Diabetes. Men with the lowest 25% of T concentrations in the study population were at increased risk of developing Diabetes.  In other words, having low T increased the probability of being diagnosed with Diabetes sometime later in life. The risk was also increased for development of metabolic syndrome, a group of items (including Diabetes) that predicts subsequent risk of heart attack and stroke.

There is more to this story that suggests that normalizing T in men, with T therapy, helps control Diabetes. And, T therapy also happens to increase muscle mass and lowers body fat, and both of these changes are helpful with blood sugar control! 

On today's show you will learn...

What is low testosterone?

What is it's connection with Diabetes?

What percentage of men with Diabetes have low T?

Does having low T also mean you will develop Diabetes?

How would a man know if he has low T?

What are the symptoms?

What should a man with Diabetes and low T do?

How well recognized is this connection between low T and Diabetes?

What are the treatments for low T?

What are the risks/is it safe?

Does T therapy help with blood sugar metabolism?

How else does T therapy help control Diabetes?
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