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#86 Dr. Steven Edelman and Kim Lyons

Steven Edelman, M.D. Founder and Director, Taking Control of Your Diabetes Renowned Diabetes Expert
Dr. Edelman, who has been living with diabetes since the age of 15, is the founder and director of Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 diabetes education organization founded in 1995. Committed to promoting education, motivation, and self-advocacy for people living with diabetes, Dr. Edelman has become a local, national and international leader in diabetes treat- ment, research, and especially education. He champions the cause of patient advocacy and has dedicated his life to helping people with diabetes live healthier lives.
Dr. Edelman currently serves as Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at the University of California, San Diego, and the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System of San Diego. He is also the director of the Diabetes Care Clinic VA Medical Center and the editor of the journals Insulin and Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.
Dr. Edelman received his MD from the University of California, Davis where he was valedictorian. His postgraduate training included a residency in internal medicine at UCLA-San Fernando, a clinical fellowship in diabetes and metabolism at The Joslin Clinic, a fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, and a research fellowship in diabetes and metabolism at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Edelman is certified in internal medicine and metabolism, diabetes, and endocrinology.
A highly sought public speaker for both professional and lay audiences, Dr. Edelman has given over 1,000 lectures around the globe and appears frequently on television, including the TCOYD-TV educational series. He has written numerous books and over 200 publications, including articles and abstracts that have been published in such journals as American Journal of Physiology, Diabetes, and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Dr. Edelman is a reviewer for several journals, including Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Clinical Investigation, and Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. His honors include valedictorian of his medical school graduating class, the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of California, Davis
School of Medicine, multiple Chief Resident’s Teacher of the Year Awards from the University of California, San Diego, the Humanism in Medicine Award from the University of California, San Diego, and the American Diabetes Association’s 2009 Outstanding Educator in Diabetes Award.
Dr. Edelman is married to Dr. Ingrid Kruse, a podiatrist who specializes in diabetes foot problems. They have two daughters, Talia and Carina.


Kim Lyons Fitness Expert, Professional Trainer and Certified Nutritionist
With over ten years of experience as a personal trainer, Kim Lyons – former trainer on NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser – has quickly become an icon in the health and fitness arena. Armed with a positive attitude and a winning smile, she has inspired a nation to achieve their goals of living a happy, healthy lifestyle. She chose to become involved in the “Take the Next Step” program because of her commitment to helping others do more and achieve their potential through modest exercise and emotional support.
With a unique combination of proper nutrition and effective exercise programs, Kim has helped inspire a nation to live a healthier lifestyle. Kim understands the psychological and practical barriers facing those starting a new activity program, and offers simple strategies to help anyone understand their potential, and build their confidence to help get back to doing what matters most to them.
Kim has years of experience training people who have diabetes and who suffer from painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and has recently partnered with Start Fitness Now to release a series of three workout DVDs targeted to people with Type 2 diabetes.
Kim’s first book, Your Body, Your Life, published by Sterling, made a strong appearance on all major book store shelves in January 2008. She is also featured in the best-selling Biggest Loser Cookbook, The Biggest Loser Fitness Program, and The Biggest Loser Workout DVDs.
Kim has been featured on leading broadcast programs and print publications including The Today Show, Access Hollywood, ET, Larry King Live, The Insider, MTV, Extra, People Magazine, TV Guide, US Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Self, Allure, Woman’s World, Muscle and Fitness, and many more. She has written dozens of fitness and nutrition articles for publications world wide, and is unique in bringing in the often neglected emotional coaching that goes hand in hand with the workout and nutritional aspects of achieving ultimate health.
Kim attended Colorado State University, where she graduated with a degree in Human Development. Shortly after graduating, she took a more serious approach to weight training while battling her own weight issues. Her life-changing experience prompted her to attend the National Academy of Sports Medicine where she became a personal trainer. Kim is also a certified nutritionist.
She segued into fitness competitions and quickly won national and international titles. In 2002, she earned her International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) Pro card, marking her place as one of the top fitness competitors in the world.
Kim is currently working on her state of the art, grip free, resistance band training system, a complete DVD workout series, and her next book.

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#85 DiabetesSisters - Brandy Barnes

Brandy Barnes, MSW, Founder and CEO of DiabetesSisters, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1990.  Over the past two decades, she has worked in a variety of positions in the diabetes field, including research, education, advocacy, and sales.  She established DiabetesSisters in 2008 based on her personal experience with the unique challenges faced by women with diabetes and the lack of resources available to address them.  The mission of DiabetesSisters is to improve the health and quality of life of women with, and those at risk of developing diabetes; and to advocate on their behalf.  The organization provides both online and in-person programming.  In 2010, the organization held the first national conference for women with diabetes (called the Weekend for Women Conference) in Raleigh, NC in May.  The Conference drew women from 21 different states ranging in age from 21-80 with all types of diabetes, including type 1, type 2, type 1.5, and gestational.

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#84 David Mendosa


After earning a B.A. with honors from the University of California, Riverside, and an M.A. in government from Claremont Graduate University, David Mendosa went to work for the U.S. government. During a 15-year career with the U.S. foreign aid program, he served 11 years in Washington, D.C., and four years in Africa.

After retiring from government service, Mendosa became a journalist, initially specializing in small business. When he learned in February 1994 that he had type 2 diabetes, he changed his focus to diabetes. He started his website, mendosa.com, in February 1995 when there were only two other websites dealing with diabetes. As a full-time journalist, Mendosa writes about diabetes for a variety of publications, including regular contributions to HealthCentral.com.
On today's show, David Mendosa inspires us to find our passion, and combine it with activity that helps improve our control over diabetes. Among David's passions are photography and hiking.

Today, David shares with us some very intimate details of his total transformation, or as he calls it "Reinventing Himself". Recognizing that his weight (313 lbs.) was having negative impact on his health and quality of life, David took the necessary steps to truly Reinvent Himself. Listen and learn how David  lost almost half of his body weight. He set a goal to weigh what he did when he left the military 50 years earlier. Not only did he reach his goal, but along the way, he discovered that he was happier than he had ever been in his life.
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#83 Ginger Vieira, Type 1, Powerlifter

Ginger Vieira is 24 years old and has lived with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease for 11+ years. She holds 14 powerlifting records in drug-tested, national federations, and is the 2-time winner of the Vermont State Bench Press competition with a record lift of 190 lbs. At just over 5 feet tall, Ginger has squatted 265 lbs and deadlifted over 300 lbs. Today, Ginger is a Cognitive Health & Chronic Illness Coaching Specialist. She works with people who are facing challenges within their health, body and mind. She's currently working on a book that will help people understand the mysterious highs and unexpected lows in their blood sugars, and how to adjust their insulin dosing to prevent those unwanted fluctuations. Her book is planned to be available by January 2011.

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