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#78 New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes

Charmaine Lindblad, MHA Executive Director

New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes (NMHCTOD)

Charm Lindblad has been the executive director for New Mexico Health Care Takes On Diabetes (NMHCTOD) since March 2002.  As executive director, she is responsible for identifying key stakeholders in the coalition, assessing the local health services and health plan market, and communicating goals and achievements of the coalition to it's members and to external organizations.  Also, organizing work groups to produce quarterly Diabetes Resource publications and collecting HEDIS® health plan data, providing data analysis, and working with professional health care organizations and societies.  She received her master’s degree in health care administration and business from the Texas Woman’s University in Dallas, Texas, and a certificate in Aging and Senior Issues from the University of Washington. Ms. Lindblad participates on community health councils and committees: Chronic Disease Prevention Council, Diabetes Advisory Council, Bernalillo County Community Health Council, NM Health Information Technology, and the New Mexico Medical Review Association – Remaking American Medicine.


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#77 The Ultimate Type 3 Diabetic

Emergency room physician, Darrin F. Houston's wife (Type 2) needed a kidney. His was not compatible. He became part of a 6 person paired kidney transplant, 3 donors and 3 recipients. Listen to their amazing life story.

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