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#89 George Simmons
George was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1990. After spending several years ignoring his disease, he decided it was time to start over. So he started a blog called The B.A.D. Blog (The Born Again Diabetes Blog) and began sharing his diabetes life with others.He is a husband, father of two, writer, and musician. George now writes his blog on his own website called Ninjabetic.com and proclaims that “it takes being a ‘ninja’ to live successfully with diabetes.”
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#88 Scott K. Johnson

Scott K. Johnson.

Diagnosed in 1980, Scott writes about his experiences at diabetesdaily.com, and he writes a column at dLife.com.

Scott says "I'm your average guy living with diabetes.  I don't have it all figured out, and sharing my struggles with diabetes helps by showing people that it's OK to STILL be trying to get it right, even after 30+ years".





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#87 Andy Ebon

Happy Birthday to Theresa Moore!

Our guest today is Andy Ebon. Andy is public speaker, author, blogger and business consultant, specializing in the Wedding Industry. He is also a Type 2 Diabetic, having been diagnosed as such in February 2006. He is experiencing all the usual challenges of a Type 2 Diabetic, plus the difficulties associated with traveling more than 100 days a year pursuing his public speaking career.
Andy has recently launched a blog to discuss his personal experiences with managing stress, energy, and the mood swings that often accompany his Diabetic life. The blog is called "New York Moments: Musings and Outbursts from a Las Vegas Type 2 Diabetic".
It can be found at www.NewYorkMoments.net

Special guest: Cameron (Charlie's Grandson) joins Papa in studio for an in-depth discussion about life and philosophy. Cameron is 7 1/2 months old.

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