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#82 More Noah Moore

Noah Moore, Type 1 (from show #35, Noah's Voyage), joins us live in studio. Noah and his friend/musician Ryan Reeves are passing through Las Vegas on the tail end of their summer tour, and they stopped in for a visit. Ryan plays live music in studio today.

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#81 Diabetes and Water Safety

Let's go Swimming!!! Diabetes and Water Safety, with Special Guests Michael Bernstein, Sarah (Bieske) Gleich, and Jeanette Kirkham. Two questions: Do children with Diabetes get less water time and therefore have less water training compared to the general population?  Are children with Diabetes at higher risk of drowning, compared to the general population?  Don't let Diabetes rob you of one minute of summertime fun!!!



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#80 Diabetes Living Today

Kitty Castellini, Type 1, from DiabetesLivingToday.com and her radio show with the same name


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