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On today’s DiabetesPowerShow.com podcast, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, and Theresa Moore are joined, IN STUDIO by CHRIS DANIEL! Thats right…Chris Daniel is IN THE HOUSE! It’s been a long time since Chris was live and in person with us. With all 4 of us in the studio, the vibe was palpable.

We had a great discussion about keeping a balanced life, and how it impacts your Diabetes in a very positive way.

Yes, insulin and other meds are very important. Technology is very important. Exercise is very important. Diet is very important. But a well-balanced life has a profound impact on all of these things…Enjoy!

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On today’s DiabetesPowerShow, Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore, and Chris Daniel are honored to have two very special guests, Robert Davis and Jay Barth.

Robert Davis

Senior Master Sergeant Robert Money Davis, a.k.a. "Money D" is a 25 year veteran who was wounded in combat while carrying 7.5 million dollars to a base near Baghdad, Iraq. His claim to fame is falling out of a helicopter two stories up, with 9 million dollars strapped to his leg. While flying in a Blackhawk helicopter, they were coming into Baghdad International Airport, and the base was under attack. Mortar rounds were landing near the airport. While attempting to land, one mortar round exploded near the runway, and shook the helicopter. The door was open, and SMSGt Davis was adjusting his seat belt. The weight of the money dragged him out of the helicopter and onto the Tarmac.

He has served in combat in almost every country in the Middle East. He served most of his career as a financial analyst, spending the final years, both as a Combat Comptroller, trained in combat, and as a Superintendent of Finance, and as a First Sergeant. He also served in the combat theater as a Convoy Commander. During part of his career, he served as a Commandant of the Leadership Schools in Europe, and was awarded Commandant of the Year for Europe Air Forces.

He has been awarded the Bronze Star for heroism. During a horrible fire fight, SMSGt Davis single-handily fought off insurgents, and was able to eliminate the enemy, and rescue his troops. He has been awarded 67 awards and medals. He has been awarded the Outstanding Senior Non Commission Officer of the Year for Financial Management for the entire Air Force. He was also awarded Superintendent and NCO of the Year, respectively, for Financial Management for the Air Force. He holds the record as the most decorated Financial Management Specialist in the Air Force.

He was medically retired after the explosion that ended his career. He had to learn how to eat, speak, and walk all over again. He is an Incomplete Quadriplegic, but through his Dive Alliance experiences, he is thriving, and living a full life.

His greatest accomplishments are his children. He has a daughter, Addie Davis, who is 33, a daughter, Amanda Arthur, who is 30, and a son, Aidyn who is 9. He is married to the former Patricia Marshall. He is eternally grateful to his sweetheart, Patty, for all she has done to raise the children while he went away serving in combat.

Jay Barth

Jay is the Founder of Dive Alliance, an organization specializing in training for Veterans and those with disabilities. He has been Diving for over 35 years, and is a Course Director (SCUBA Instructor Trainer). Jay is actively involved in training Veterans to dive, and focuses on those who have PTSD and physical limitations. Jay is actively involved in underwater searching and salvaging.

During Jay’s career, he has been involved in training, and has worked with many companies worldwide, including small businesses, fortune 500 companies, government, and military. During this time, he was awarded the Boss of Bosses Award for the Army 19th Special Forces, and the Pro Patria Award (Employer of the Year) for the combined forces of the National Guard and Reserves, awarded by the Secretary of Defense.


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Two popular Diabetes media brands join forces…The world will never be the same!

On today’s DiabetesPowerShow, we kick off the first week of 2016 with exciting news. Charlie Cherry, Chris Moore, Theresa Moore and Chris Daniel welcome, in studio, David Edelman, to make the official announcement about the collaboration between two very popular Diabetes media brands: DiabetesPowerShow.com and DiabetesDaily.com.

Each of these Power-Houses are the best in their respective areas in the Diabetes on-line community. Both have been around for 10 years, and have withstood the test of time. Both have proven track records of dependable content, consistent programming and publishing, and solid growth over the last decade.

In the coming weeks and months, DiabetesPowerShow podcast traffic will be directed to a special page and player on DiabetesDaily.com.

We here at DiabetesPowerShow are honored to be a part of such a great brand and a wonderful group of people. Our combined audience will reach a substantial number of people impacted by Diabetes.

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